1. Are Frenchies difficult to potty train? Without consistent training and discipline, they can be! The French Bulldog is know to be a very stubborn breed, so consistency is the key!  We highly recommend crate training and having a smaller space for them while young. Take them out after water and meals and praise them for doing well! No food or water too close to bed time. We're confident they'll potty train with these few tips.
  2. Are Frenchies a good apartment dog? They absolutely can be! Frenchies do not usually require a ton of exercise. Good training and lots of attention makes any frenchie a good dog regardless of it's type of home.
  3. Do Frenchies shed? ​Yes, however diet and grooming care can help a lot with shedding. A quality food and brushing somewhat often will help. We also recommend a small amount of coconut oil in their diet. 
  4. Can Frenchies go on long walks?Frenchies are very sensitive to extreme temperatures. We do not recommend long walks, especially in very warm or cold weather.
  5. Do Frenchies snore? They sure do! 
  6. Why are French Bulldogs so expensive? **See section PRICING in the About section**
  7. I don't live near Michigan, do you ship your puppies? We can ship via a flight nanny, or we hand deliver. We do not ship via cargo, ever. These options are at an additional cost.
  8. Are Frenchies good with children and/or other animals? Absolutely! Responsible training and socializing is key!


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